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When I had my first child 7 years ago I had the usual concerns most new moms have. Will I be a good mom? Seven years and now 2 children later there are days I still ask myself that. But, I do know that my husband and I try the best we can to make sure our children are happy, healthy and safe.

I recently read a book by Christopher Gavigan, Healthy Child – Healthy World Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home. I have it on my Nook and am using as a guide to “Green Up” our home. Since having kids I felt I was more aware of our environment and food chain and what was “good” and “bad”. I was WRONG! There is so much more I can do to not only make our home safer for our kids but to teach my kids about “cleaner” living. We’ve always done the little things like take our shoes off and leave them at the door as an example.

Thanks to Christopher and his book we’ve gotten rid of all the cleansers in our home and use only home made cleansers. (His wife is actress Jessica Capshaw from Grey’s Anatomy and she’s also in on the Green mom movement!) My kids are asthmatic so my radar is always up regarding what’s around them that might trigger an attack. We recently replaced all their bedding with organic cotton bedding and got rid of most of their stuffed animals except for their “lovies”.
Whether you have kids or not you might want to pick up this book, it was a little eye opening for me and I appreciate the nudge I got from reading it. My kids are my most precious gifts and I want to do everything I possibly can to keep them safe.

And check out my 3 year old Emily. She helps me clean. youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw0UgVmX6Ho


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