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First, I was so happy to wake up with two squealing little girls jumping on me in bed. My husband took them out yesterday to pick out a present and they decided to make something instead. A macaroni necklace, homemade cards and lots of hugs and kisses were the best gifts ever! They made me coffee too.

Then, I kissed my family goodbye and went off to meet a group of amazing moms for a 3 mile run/walk. A friend of mine who recently finished her last round of chemo in March for breast cancer hosted about 40 moms for the run and brunch in her beautiful home on the Long Island sound. She’s doing great and I was so happy to see her looking fit and healthy. It was very humbling to be with these amazing moms, many of which I’ve only grown to know in the past year or so mostly through my daughter’s school. The weather could not have been better, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was crystal clear blue. I saw some friends I haven’t seen in a while and it was nice to catch up with them. After my stomach was full from a delicious brunch I was off to go meet my kids and hubby.

Next, we picked up food and headed to my mom’s. She’s had a tough week since falling last week and spraining her ankle. She was at my sister’s for over a week and at least we now have a plan to get her ankle better and get her back on her feet. But, it’s going to be a bit of work for her to get there. She’s 80, and we recently realized my mom has Parkinson’s as well. She has a slight tremor on one side of her body. She’s slowed down quite a bit in last year or so. Those things coupled with the loss of my dad earlier this year would be reasons for anyone to not want to be motivated. I give my mom credit, she’s a fighter and she’s in good spirits so I can do nothing but help her and stay positive for her. She enjoyed the kids today, they made her laugh. We rigged some things up to help her get around the house with the walker and cane and thank god everything is on one floor. I literally have a “team” of people scheduled to make sure she’s ok since I can’t be there every day.

If you have aging parents or relatives that you will need to take care of all I can say is try and have a plan for what you think you might do if/when the time comes. Especially if you are a “sandwich generation” person like me with little kids too.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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